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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sweet tooth

Today was one of those idealistic days, kids were easy peasy (not always the case ;) ) and our day ended in a glorious afternoon of swimming in a magical waterfall. BLISS! For dinner I attempted to make some buckwheat coated chicken nuggets, I cooked them on a stainless steel pan, as I am trying to avoid using our non-stick pan as much as possible, (I'd like to throw it out but husband still can't let it go) I have read lots of information on the effects of cooking with non-stick cookware, visit this article for some information about it! However the result of the chicken nuggets ended badly... the coating stuck to the pan and they didn't look pretty, we all agreed they tasted yummy so maybe I'll try baking them in the oven next time.

Mr sweet tooth requested a treat after dinner, so I mixed up some tahini, almonds, cacao powder and honey in our food processor, rolled them in to balls and popped them in the freezer for as long as husband could wait - which wasn't long! They didn't last more then 10 minutes when we did take them out. I usually coat them in shredded coconut and you can use agave or maple syrup instead to sweeten them but we had run our of these ingredients - in saying that, these choc balls worked out just as well, will make them again for sure!

The few left, they were disappearing before my eyes!

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