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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mummy free time

One of my new years resolutions was to take some time out for myself, as my husband travels a lot, things can get pretty busy with the girls and I and when hubby comes home we all want to spend as much time with each other as possible, which is beautiful, however this means that I am not getting much time on my own. Balance is the key to any healthy life and  I have realized that it is important to make time for myself and do things that I am passionate about - apart from my family!!!

So today I did just that, as you can see one of my biggest passions in life is food - why? Because I believe our body is our temple, we are what we eat and nothing feels better than filling my families body with beautiful nourishing food that I have made and I love knowing exactly where our food has come from. My choice for "mummy free time" was to attend a raw food class, the class was run by Lisa at the super natural kitchen, she was very inspiring and it was evident how passionate she is about raw food and sharing her wealth of knowledge on the benefits or raw food. I learnt a lot of new recipes and loved tasting and preparing all the food, I especially enjoyed the time to myself. OK-  I'll admit my family managed to sneak their way into the class and taste test some food - Hubby brought the little one to me when she needed a feed - but secretly I loved every minute of them there with me! Then they left me to it. We started the morning with a Green smoothie - yes green in colour but tasted anything but green vegetables. Had a nibble of some onion bread that Lisa had made last night. We made some Kale chips, which I'll pick up in the morning as they are still in the dehydrator and lastly made some raw chocolate petit fours (to die for).

Onion bread 

Coco about to sample a chocolate petit four

I am really really loving making raw food creations, especially the desserts, I was never a great sweet baker! We are going to invest in a dehydrator in the next few months as I learned from Lisa today there is just so much you can make in them... I am really excited about getting one, I can't wait to make delicious snacks that are ALIVE and TASTY! As much as love raw food I couldn't ever imagine changing my diet to 100% raw, I prefer to have a balanced diet, a mix of raw and cooked food and just really listening to what it is my body needs, I love nothing better that educating myself on all things related to this, in fact this what I'll be reading tonight -------->

What's my verdict on "mummy free time"? YES - love love loved it!

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