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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Easy living

After all this horrible rain the sun is finally out and shinning in all it's glory and day to day living just got easy again - runs in the morning, bike rides with the girls, beach days and lazy afternoons in the backyard... yes I do love spending time outside! And if we can't feel grateful for this little bit of sunshine we are reminded that 2 hours down the road families are dealing with the aftermath of all the horrible floods! 

On another note my inspiration for blogging was diminishing the last week and a bit as I was dealing with horrible headaches. The only thing on my mind was to figure out what was causing them, so I started to eliminate the possible causes - first I gave up the computer for a few days as I thought it might be the screen, didn't help. Then I stopped drinking coffee and black tea, I thought I might be sensitive to the caffeine since everything else in my diet is quiet pure, energetically I was feeling awesome but I still had the pain. Then I just figured I must have a brain tumour and my hypochondriac alter ego stepped in and sent me into a panic frenzy, googling all my symptoms and driving my husband crazy! OK so it turns out it was none of the above, it was actually caused from my neck, I had been taking Coco for bike rides in the morning, I would carry Autumn on my hip and walk following Coco on her bike, I didn't realise my body was in a completely awkward position and my neck was completely out - lesson learnt - Autumn goes in the ergo carrier on in the pram! And as awful as this whole ordeal was, I realised that not drinking coffee and black tea was really making me feel wonderful, I noticed my energy was just constant through out the whole day, instead of feeling spurts of energy and then low slumps throughout the day! Coffee and black tea is out and Rooibos is my new hot drink, I do like milk and honey in my tea! 

With my brain feeling foggy free and having enough energy to bounce off the walls, I decided to give this raw cheese cake a crack yesterday... it paid off. Here is the recipe I came up with, I actually read through a few recipes, I added and removed things to fit it with what we like and have in the cupboard! 

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

For the crust:

1/2 cup Brazil Nuts
1/2 cup Shredded Coconut
1 tb Cacao Powder
2 tb Agave Syrup
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 pitted Dates

Step 1 Process the Brazil nuts, shredded coconut, cacao powder and vanilla extract in a food processor until fine crumbs.

Step 2 Add the agave and dates and process until the mixture just starts to stick together.
Step 3 Press into the bottom of a spring form pan. 
For the filling

2 cups fresh chopped strawberries
1 cup cup of soaked cashews
tb Coconut Butter
1/4 Agave Syrup
1 TB Lemon Juice
1/4 tsp Salt

Step 4 Blend all of the ingredients in a high peed blender until smooth
Step 5 Pour the filling over the crust and freeze until ready to serve
Optional - When serving you can pour some strawberries mixed with agave syrup ( my husband said he didn't think the cake needed this)

Rich lushes irresistible cheese cake.. and yes I did over do it on the strawberry topping and sprinkled cacao powder (I was a wee bit excited) Enjoy x 

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