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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Raw food

Yesterday my family and I went to one of the only raw food cafes in Australia "From Earth & Water" it is about a 40 minute drive from where we live and it was definitely worth the little trek! It was incredible, fresh, nourishing and absolutely delicious food. I only wish I took photos of all our meals...We ordered Coco a raw chocolate shake, she loved it and so did we, it tasted so earthy and pure yet still sweet but not that sickly artificial sweetness you get from your typical choc milkshake. I had a yummy wrap made from dehydrated young coconuts filled with kelp noodles and lots of other goodies and topped with a sweet cashew sauce. Hubby had tacos, the shell was primarily made with golden flax and was filled with a guacamole salsa and topped with a "sour cream" and sweet chilli sauce. And for dessert, oh my goodness dessert!!! We shared a white chocolate strawberry chez cake topped with a raw vegan vanilla ice cream. This dessert we could have swore was an actual baked cheese cake, it was un-believable, this dining experience has really inspired me to start experimenting more with raw food meals and after our meals I have hubby convinced too!

How much does this look like your typical creamy piece of baked strawberry cheese cake!!! 

I have also been re-thinking my intentions of this blog and why I am doing it. I am going to step away from the actual challenge side of things - yes I'll admit it does seem like a bit of a cop out, however I will be continuing with the challenge on my own terms, just not writing about it. I feel I went about the challenge the wrong way, I set it out in concrete and this is not the way I like to roll. For example, enjoying a coffee or a piece of food that might be questionable in terms of the amount it has been processed would bring about a feeling of guilt and that my friends is not something I want lurking over my head. I still have the same intentions as I stated before, to fill my and my families bodies with pure, natural wholesome food from mother earth just not under any stringent guidelines -  So therefore this blog is space to share wholesome wonderful recipes, that are not categorized under anything specific, other than being an asset to your health!!! And also a space to share my thoughts and information I receive on all things about making our belly's beautiful!!! I hope you still follow along...


  1. That cafe sounds awesome Aim! JJ has been trying to influence me to go to the GC on Saturday and I think you may have just helped his cause....
    Raw desserts are fantastic, and often quite easy. I have some great recipes would love to share.
    I will def continue to read. I like 'the way you roll' ;)

  2. Love the change Sister. Life is already full of challenges! It would be a shame to make the joy of food into another one. It is all about intention and appreciation of what you put into your body. Furthermore, food that is made with love is always one million times more nourishing! JRxx