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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The buddhaful belly challenge...

Hello & welcome to my blog... here you can witness my family & I conquer a journey to super health & dis-ease free living... Starting 1st of January 2011 I am challenging myself & my family to 365 days of eating only natural foods provided by mother earth herself, that is no processed food, foods in their natural state or as close to natural as possible... it's not about what we can't eat, it's about what we can eat & there is an abundance of natural food straight from the earth, fresh organic fruit & vegetables, nuts & whole grains, super foods such as goji berries, chia seeds & seaweed to name a few, wild fish, organic free-range  meats & eggs when we feel the need for a little more protein & we are lucky to have available fresh organic, hormone & antibiotic milk fresh from the farm!!!

I'll be posting many of the meals we will eat each day, including recipes & tips I learn along the way... I'm sure there are going to be many many challenges, especially providing enticing food everyday for a 3 year old & nearly 1 year old. Coco (my 3 year old) LOVES her organic weetbix in the morning, so I have all ready started thinking about appealing breakfast ideas. I must mention now that Dave & I will be super committed to this challenge as for my children, especially Coco in some situations I do not want to exclude her from special celebrations & will let her indulge in a little birthday cake or what have you, I feel that these are there formative years & I don't want to put limitations on their food & create issues around food. In saying that everything in our home & that I provide for them will be absolutely unprocessed & made by mama herself!

It's an exciting journey & I am excited to see my family benefit from this beautiful lifestyle we are going to embark on...


  1. how inspiring and what a delightful challenge for the new year!!!!! i will be following each day and hopefully fill my belly with healthy nourishing food too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, Aimee. I like your challenge. I can't wait to see your recipes!! I too, want to eat even better than I do now so might tag along! My new year goal is to stop gap all the areas where we spend unnecessary money on 'stuff'. I'll be blogging a bit about that too. See you in the new year!! And have a lovely Christmas with yours. BTW, love your blog header pic. Lovely shot! Amber (

  3. Thanks ladies. I hope you had a beautiful christmas! Looking forward to starting the challenge in less then a week!!! Love it that your going to tag along, Amber sounds awesome, can't wait to read your blog in the new year! x